Hi everyone, we've decided its time for us to take a step back form our much loved Scrolling and retire! we'd like to thank all those scrollers out there who have supported us over the years, thank you :-)


We have put together this site to display our Intarsia and unique Wood Art that we have created over the years here at Pictures in Wood

As you will gather we are Scrollsaw enthusiast and have turned our hand to designing and making a wide range of projects. From our more up to date wood art and practical pieces for the home, to where it all started many years ago with our more traditional Intarsia pieces!

Being able to promote our work online to like minded 'Scrollsaw surfers' and receive feedback is just great, comments and inquires are a joy, so keep them coming :-) please!



F & J Scarecrow


The scrollsaw can cut many different materials, both thick & thin and for the imaginative Scroller to turn into either

chunky designs or intricate works of art!

It’s rewarding to give a personalized gift and the Scrollsaw is perfect for doing just that, whether it is a Light Box for a football crazy grandson, a Word Art form congratulating an event or achievement or using the Compound Sawing method to design a pair of ‘Pushing back the book’ Bookends for someone special.  

Our Welcome Sign


Intarsia our original 'Pictures in Wood'

Intarsia is a beautiful three dimensional  mosaic wall hanging, which was an  ancient Woodcraft basis for Wood Art, Marquetry and Wood-inlay craftwork of years ago.

Every handcrafted piece is unique, as no two pieces of wood are the same.

Our Intarsia designs are varied and range from mostly Birds & Fun Stuff to Landscapes & Seascapes, mainly things that people have asked for over the years!


Happy Christmas Snowmen

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 Intarsia Dinosaur

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Teddy Sleeping on the Moon

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Chopstick Stand

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Leaf design Chess set

(See Andy's Chess set)

Yellow Digger Bookends

Samurai Warrior

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