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We like to think of Intarsia as decorative  Pictures In Wood more life - like than paintings, because of the three dimensional appearance.
The pieces are individually cut out of wood, paying particular attention to the arrangement and direction of the grain.When it comes to sanding, we try to visualise the project as if it were real.

The first choice of finish is always for a natural wood finish to accentuate the within beauty the wood, but sometimes you need a little colour, we then use various acrylic mediums, still allowing the grain of the wood to show through, then two coats of polish are applied.

The pieces are then placed together and glued on a plywood backing to form a picture, so creating a lasting work of art.


Friendly Dragon

Coloured Intarsia (but with the grain of the wood still visible) works great for youngsters as it can bring their favourite characters to life and makes for a nice addition to pictures and poster.


The Woodland Trail with Sunset

was made using mostly Tulipwood, with its lovely variations of light wood with darker shades of green & the red of the  Parana Pine, seem to be the perfect choice for this particular Intarsia piece


A pair of Herons especially commissioned for an 80th Birthday gift, and a perfect example of using Acrylic paint and mediums to bring these Intarsia Birds to life.






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