Here you'll find both Intarsia & Scrollsaw projects that you might like to follow or even try for yourself!

It would be great to hear your views or pictures of your own take on any of these projects.



VW Camper Van

As the saying goes "it's not about the destination, its about the journey" that's why you cant help but smile when passing a VW Camper! So with 'California Dreamin' playing in the background, why not give this "splitty" a go!

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T.Rex Dinosaur

The T. Rex can be made to any size (your only restriction being the size of your scrollsaw) and any colour, that's why we decided to make ours purple! what colour would yours be?

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Happy Christmas Snowmen


Why not spread a little Christmas cheer by making our Happy Christmas Snowmen decoration come puzzle!


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Teddy Sleeping on the Moon

Teddy Sleeping on the Moon

This Dreaming on the Moon Teddy has been great fun to make and is sure to bring a lot of joy, to the maker and recipient alike!

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Leaf design Chess set

Leaf design Chess set Leaf Chess set & Board

Making you own chess set will be a thing to cherish and bring many hours of pleasure playing the game. Of course you could choose your favourite leaves or design your own theme


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Chopstick Stand

A great little project to make to display those Chopsticks! plus useful rests :-)

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Yellow Digger Bookends

Yellow Digger Bookends

The Diggers are made just like any Intarsia piece, and then secured onto the bookend frames using strategically placed dowels


Samurai Warrior

Samurai Samurai Warrior

An Intarsia project, made using Walnut & Tulipwood.  

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Inlay Boxes

Inlaid Square & Oval Boxes

Complete :-)



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