Happy Christmas Snowmen


Why not spread a little cheer this Christmas by making our Christmas decoration come puzzle, with these Happy Snowmen that just cannot stop melting all over Christmas and at the same time spelling out HAPPY, did you notice?

It can either be attached to a plywood backing for hanging or left free standing with only the pieces of each Snowmen glued back together as we have here, and then left for the children to place together like a puzzle, they may need a little help in standing it up though, but that’s all part of the fun!

We have used Walnut and Sycamore, with a few colours added to brighten up the accessories!


Getting started

First enlarge the pattern so it measures 370mm x 200mm and make 4 copies, 3 for cutting around and 1 to use as a reference.

Cut the pattern into sections leaving the lettering for Christmas in one continues piece to be placed along the length of the dark wood (across the grain), making sure that the bottom of the lettering lines up with the edge of the wood, and the individual Snowmen positioned onto the light wood (with the grain) along with the holly.


01.  Using a glue stick apply the glue to the back of each pattern and then position and adhere it to the wood


02.  Use a pillar drill to drill the...

5mm holes for the eyes

3.5mm for the buttons

2.5mm is used for the berries and the H Snowman's mouth

2mm for the mouth dots in the P & P Snowmen and lastly

1mm blade entry holes for the carrot nose in the first H Snowman


03. 1mm blade entry hole for noe of the holly leaves and two within the lettering


04.  Cutting Out

Starting with the Snowmen, cut around the outer line of each...


05.  when cutting a sharp external corner, go just beyond the cutting line, make a small circle to enable you to continue along the cutting line from the correct angle


06.  Inner corners can be cut into then the blade backed up just enough to turn and continue along the cutting line


07.  Then return to remove the waste to finish the cut


08.  Once the Snowmen are cut out, position them onto the Christmas lettering, and use a scrap piece of wood of the same height to support the heads.

Check that the adjoining cutting lines are still accurate, if need be make any adjustments


09.  Then cut out each of the letters, following any new cutting lines where necessary


10.  Changing to a quick release blade clamp makes light work of the inner cuts


11.  Check the fit to make sure that the Snowmen fit snugly into the lettering and make any adjustments if needed.


12.  Next change to a smaller No.2 or 3 blade, for cutting out the pieces within each snowman, this will keep the gap between each piece to a minimum


13.  It's easier to cut the cheeks of the Y Snowman out first, then the mouth and...


14.  then for support place the cheeks back in their original position, when cutting the continuation of the mouth


15.  Number the pieces as you cut them out, so that you know which piece belongs to which Snowman


16.  Sanding the Christmas Lettering

Using a Drum Sander lower each letter down from the top by approximately 2mm, going with the grain, then sand the left hand side of each piece down a further 1mm.


17.  This will define the letters more and make them appear to be slightly overlapping each other



18.  Rough sanding the Snowmen

The rough sanding is made using a disc sander and the aim is to create different height levels; which will ultimately make the more detailed sanding and shaping using the drum sander easier. So try to visualise as you go which pieces will remain high and which need to be lowered.

Start by marking the height of each letter onto the adjoining Snowmen


19.  Sand down to approximately 2mm above the lettering, tapering slightly towards the top of the Snowman


20.  Carry through the height of the Snowmans body onto the head piece 


21.  Then mark the height of the face around the cheeks and then leave the cheeks slightly proud of the face by approximately 2mm


22.  Mark the height of the head onto the brim of the hat


23.  Taper the brim of all the hats to make them appear to be sticking out, then mark the height onto the adjoining pieces


24.  Carry on in this way until you are happy with the overall look


25.  Fine Drum Sanding and Shaping

Now you can sand with the grain and remove any scratches left by the disc sander and round over the edges.  A small diameter drum sander comes in very handy for gettin into those small curves, but always be mindful not to sand lower than the height lines of an adjoining piece.

Return each piece often to its position to see how it looks.


26.  Next handsand each piece going through the grades of paper to achieve a smooth finish


27.  With the hand sanding complete, the next step is to give the Snowmen eyes, mouths and buttons


28.  Mark the height of each dowel and cut to approximately 2mm above the line, just enough to round over the top, number each as a reference for later


29.  Colour and Finish

Apply a coat of acrylic matt varnish to the lettering and the parts of the snowmen you wish to be left natural i.e. heads and bodies.




30.  Use brightly colour acrylic paints mixed with an acrylic slow dry medium for the hats, scarves and carrot noses.

When dry, carefully nib down the pieces with a fine 320grit sandpaper, as the colouring/varnishing process may have raised the grain


31.  Gluing up

Glue the individual pieces of each Snowman together, along with the holly and berries within the letter C and place them onto a piece of cling film to dry, just incase any excess glue may have oozed out on the underside


32.  Polish

Once dry apply a coat of clear liquid polish to the letters and each of the snowmen and then buff to a nice sheen. 



    Happy Christmas Snowmen


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