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Whatever time of the year, this little Teddy Sleeping on the Moon wall hanging would make a lovely gift for a little one, whether it's for a Birthday or Christmas present.

It's made up of 14 pieces and measures approximately 30cm x 29cm. I have made this project using Pine, but you could however use any light coloured wood.  All in all, a thoroughly fun project to do.



Getting started


Enlarge the pattern so it measures approximately 30cm x 29cm, either transfer the onto tracing paper or print out ....copies.  Its important to make sure the underside of the wood is completely flat, we always run our wood across a disc sander to make sure of this.

whether tracing or attaching the pattern pieces, align the directional arrows on the pattern with the wood grain.



01.  We've traced the pattern onto the wood using carbon paper


02.  Before you start cutting out, make sure the blade is set up square and taught.


03.  As you cut the pieces out....



04.  Mark the position of the cut piece onto the adjoining piece, i.e. where the right ear meets the head.


05. Also mark the under side of each piece with a B for bottom, as it's quite easy to sand the wrong side!


06.  Place the pieces of the Teddy onto the upper Moon section, to check the cutting line before actually cutting. if there is any differences trace a new cutting line.


07.  following the new cutting line on the Moon,


08.  Continue to mark the position of each piece onto its adjoining piece.


09.  Rough Sanding: Using a Disc Sander, fitted with 120grit sandpaper, sand down the lower part of the moon by approximately 4mm, tapering down to 6mm towards the outer edge.


10.  Transfer the height of the lower section of the Moon onto the upper section, this will ensure the height of the Moon runs consistent throughout.


11.  Creat the different height levels and mark each lowered piece onto all adjoining pieces. then be mindful of not sanding lower than your markings!


12. Sand down the right ear by 7mm. Lower the right leg by 5mm, so it sits just below the moon.  Sand down tummy by 3mm, but not lower the the leg mark.

Carefully sand down the top of the left leg, by about 1 or 2mm, try to leave the foot part higher.

Lower the right hand, but not lower than the height mark on the tummy.

Very slightly sand down the top of the right arm where it meets the head.

By creating these different levels, the Teddy is already taking on a 3D appearance.


Drum Sanding: (the fun part)


Already having the different levels is really going to help, when you start Drum Sanding.  Basically it's a matter of rounding off all the pieces, unless you have a height mark, to think of or where one piece meets another.


13.  Start with sanding round the outer edges of the Moon (make sure you always sand with the wood grain).  You'll find the drum sander is perfect for sanding curves.


14.  Place the Moon pieces back in place to see if they look ok, if they need more lowering or rounding over then keep sanding until you are satisfied.


15.  Shape and round all the edges of the right foot, apart from where it joins onto the tummy and lower moon section. (a Flexible Drive Shaft with a small diameter drum sander is great for getting into tight corners.


16.  Round the Tummy in the same way, but not the inside edge where it meets the arm and leg, also be carful not to sand below your height marks.


17.  Both the left Hand and Leg need very little sanding, only the edges rounding over slightly other wise you'll go below your pencil marks.


18.  Sand the Head round towards the right Ear mark.  Sand down to the Muzzle & round over the edges on the left hand side.  Sand down the inner Ear a little, then round over the outer Ear to the height marks.  Holde the two pieces of the Mouth area together & round over the outside edges.  Lastly round over the Nose.


19.  Hand sand all the pieces going through the grades of sandpaper to leave a smooth finish. 

Remover all dust from the pieces, with a tack cloth.



20. Make the Backing

Place together all the pieces, onto a piece of 6mm plywood. 

Holding the pieces still trace around the outline of the Teddy on the Moon.


21.  Carefully cut out the plywood backing following the traced out line.

Then very lightly sand around the edges, using 320grit sandpaper.


22.  Seal the reverse side of the backing with a sanding sealer.

Use a matt black paint or a thick black permanent marker pen around the edges of the backing, this gives the finished piece a better appearance.


23.  Colouring:  Place the pieces into groups for colouring.

For the Moon, use a White Acrylic Paint, mixed with a with 50/50 Slow-Dry Medium, which allows you to then easily remove the excess paint to reveal the grain of the wood beneath.


24.  For the Teddy, mix Yellow with a little Burnt Sienna, plus Slow-Dry Medium.

Wipe off excess paint with a soft cloth. 

Add a few drops of White to lighten the paint for the Inner Ear & Mouth pieces. 

Paint the Nose Black.

Allow to dry thoroughly.


25.  Place all the pieces together to check that all the areas that are seen have been painted.


26.  Carefully nib down all the pieces with very fine sandpaper (320grit) As the colouring process may have slightly raised the grain.

Wipe all the pieces with a tack cloth to remove any fine dust.


27.  Use a fine permanent black ink Pen to draw on the closed eyes.


28.  Its always nice to sign a piece.


29.  Before gluing the pieces onto the backing, apply a coat of clear wax polish to each piece, when dry buff to a nice smooth sheen.


30.  Gluing up

Glue all the pieces onto the backing with a good quality PVA wood adhesive. Start with the upper section of the moon, then the Teddy's left leg, next the lower moon piece , then continue with the rest of the teddy.  Pressing down each piece firmly as you go.

Allow to dry completely.

31.  Hold the Teddy between your finger and thumb until it hangs the way you want, then use a pencil to mark the location of the D-Ring.


32.  Use a Bradawl to make a pilot hole for the D-Ring.


33.  Last thing, attach the D-Ring and Hang!    all finished :-)



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