The Scrollsaw has evolved over the years from the simple hand-held fretsaw to the electrical saws we enjoy today. Its popularity has grown, as it is easy to master and even inexperienced workers can create a wide range of useful and decorative items. Plus the scrollsaw can cut many different materials, both thick & thin, for the imaginative Scroller to turn into either chunky designs or intricate works of art!

We have regularly contributed Scrollsaw projects to woodworking magazines here in the UK and USA.  Who would have thought our very own Flexi Robot, would have made it big in the USA and now have a new home in Pennsylvania, thanks to the "Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts" magazine!


Flexi Robot

This Fun Flexi Robot with interchangeable hand pieces is based on the popular Flexi toys.  The grooves in the pieces make him extremely flexible.

Just as easy to make is Rusty the Dog, Flexi Robots trusty friend, both are featured in the Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts mag, if you fancy making them yourself.

Light Catchers

Sun/Light Catchers are just the answer to brighten up a window or garden area.

Cutting Acrylic sheet using the Scrollsaw could not be easier with some blades especially made for acrylic and convenient size, 3mm Acrylic sheets in a variety of bright transparent colours make it ideal for creating small, medium or even large Sun/Light Catchers!

The acrylic shapes in these three small patterns are set within a plywood frame.

A resent comment is that they could even be used as Christmas decorations, now that’s what we like, multi-functional!

Chopstick Holder

Some Chopsticks are just to good to be hidden away in a draw, so we came up with the idea of a display stand, similar to that displaying a Samurai Sword.

The Stand & Rests are both laminated using 2 dark and 1 light wood.

The Kanji (Japanese characters) scrolled out within the Base represent 'Happines - one happiness scatters a thousand sorrows' we thought quite apt as sharing food with others is usually an happy event.

We love it when the 'Scrollsaw Woodworking & Craft' drops through the letter box especially when one of our projects are featured, which has not been for a long time now, but thats something we're hoping to rectify in the not to distant future!

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