Compound Sawing


The art of Compound sawing is making two separate cuts on adjoining sides of one pattern to create a three dimensionall piece.

We were inspired by Diana Thompson when making our Leaf Chess set, by taking the concept of the classic chess set a stage further by adopting appropriate leaf shapes for the pieces.



The classic 'Pushing Back the Books' Bookends made easy with simple lines, using the Compound Sawing method


We have chosen Walnut for the base & up-right pieces & Beech for the figures




Leaf Chess set - front view

The great English oak leaf represents the King, a leaf from the invasive Tree of Heaven suits the free-roving Queen,

with a Maple leaf for the Bishop, a prickly Hawthorn for the Knight, a Tulip tree leaf for the Rook and the simple lines of the Lime for the Pawns.


Leaf Chess set - side view

Made using Ash & Walnut to achieve the traditional contrast of light & dark within the set.


The Board is fashioned from Obeche & Walnut


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